Strength. Confidence. Rhythm. 

Hip Hop 

Learn the basics of Hip Hop dance to really get down to the beat. 

Hip Hop is all about strong, low, grounded movement and isolations

with a strong sense of beat. 

Join our newest teacher, Miss Katie Tolley, for a fun and fantastic year of dance!


Thursdays, 5:45 - 6:30pm (Ages 7 - 10) - Hip Hop LD Div. 1

Thursdays, 4:15 - 5:00pm (Ages 10 - 14) - Hip Hop LD Div. 2








Hip Hop 2 & 3 are LD Division classes for students that are interested in learning to dance without the pressures of festival/competition performances or examinations in dance. 

We aim to make these classes fun and relaxed, while also educating dancers in the foundations of dance to ensure safe practice and provide a solid base from which to move into our Performance Stream, if desired. 

How to Join 

We would love to have you join our dance community and family!

Register Online anytime! 

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We would love to help ensure that you know all of your options and choose the classes that are right for your dancer! We prefer that you contact us to let us know your interests and the classes you are considering. 

Don't see a class or a class day/time that works for you? Let us know! We will do our best to find a solution for you, which may even include adding a class to our schedule!

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Here are some other classes you may enjoy! 

Contemporary draws on the elements of Ballet, Lyrical/Jazz and Modern. It emphasizes creative freedom and exploring dance simply to enjoy dance! Contemporary dance is a realively new genre of dance and currently a very popular choice for student dancers. 
Contemporary 2 & 3 
A contemporary class for 0 - 3 years of experience, 
taught by one of our amazing instructors, Miss Heather Mackie! 
Wednesday, 7:45 - 8:30pm (Ages 10 - 15)

Jazz 2 
Dance to popular music and current hits in this high energy jazz class! Jazz dance with this age group teaches skills of jazz dance with styles that make them feel like the popular singers they see dance on stage in concert! Students jump, kick, glide and slide with style while learning jazz dance based on the standards set by the internationally-renowned ADAPT syllabus. Many of our Jazz 2/3 recreational students have moved on and up into our Performance stream classes! It's never too late! 

Tuesdays, 7:00 - 7:45pm  (ages 10 - 15)

*If your dancer is 15 years of age or older and is interested in Jazz Dance, please contact us! 

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