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Attire by level, Hair & Makeup (Stage)


On this page you can find visual and written information regarding what your dancer is required to wear to classes (please contact us for information regarding male ballet/jazz/tap dancers). Also below are guides for (1) making a ballet bun, and (2) appropriate stage makeup by age for Recital or Competition (unless otherwise specified by your instructor)
Preschool Happy Feet Classes, Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet


  • Ballet Feet (Preschool): BLUE bodysuit (not shown)

  • Pre-Primary (Ballet Blossoms) & Primary: PINK bodysuit (shown left)

  • Ballet pink Mondor tights

  • Ballet slippers (full sole), leather, with elastic

  • Hair tied back, off the neck & away from the face

  • Skirt NOT required for regular classes - available for rent to use for RAD exams

Funky Feet & Tappy Feet (Beginner Tap):

  • Black ballet slippers or jazz shoes for Funky Feet (see image below), black tap shoes for Tappy Feet

  • Black fitted tank or t-shirt and black fitted shorts or leggings


  • Fitted, comfortable cloting that allows for flexibility and freedom of movement

  • Bare feet 

Ballet - Grade 1 Ballet & higher


  • Black bodysuit

  • Ballet pink Mondor tights

  • Ballet slippers, leather, with elastic (full sole - see image)

  • Hair tied back, off the neck & away from the face



  • Black character shoes with elastic sewn on

  • Character skirts and shoes available for rent through the studio - purchase of a skirt is not necessary

Jazz, Lyrical & Modern/Contemporary



  • Black bodysuit

    • For Recreational classes, a fitted tank top and dance shorts is acceptable

    • Black fitted dance shorts optional

  • Beige (Tan) Mondor tights 

  • Beige leather slip-on jazz shoes 

  • Hair tied back, off the neck & away from the face

    • Lyrical - hair may be worn half-up, half-down or down, at the teachers discretion


  • Shoes: Jazz shoes, beige "toe undies" or half-shoes may be used 


  • Bare feet



  • Black bodysuit

    • Black fitted dance shorts or dance pants may be acceptable - pants must be no longer than at the ankle so as not to interfere with shoes

  • Black leather classic style tap shoes - Pre-Junior,

  • Beige leather classic style tap shoes - Junior Tap levels

  • Beige leather jazz style lace-up or slip-on shoes - Pre-Inter tap & higher

  • Hair tied back, off the neck & away from the face

Image Below: black leather tap shoes suitable for younger grades

Hip Hop


  • Clean, indoor running shoes 

  • Comfortable, fitted clothing that shows the lines of the body (does not have to be tight to the body) and that allows for flexible movement

    • e.g., shorts & a T-shirt



  • Black bodysuit

  • Jazz shorts, optional

  • Bare legs and feet


Online Store & In-studio Shoe Fittings

For our wonderful studio families, we have an online store organized with all classes and the specific dance wear needed for those classes! 

A larger selection is available by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting the category of dance wear you are looking for. 

All the best brands available!

5_1_STICK IMAGES_BEN_2208.jpg
Hair and Make-up - helpful links and tips!

Check out these links for some helpful information about stage make-up and hair for dancers!



Click the following links for a general guide to Stage Makeup for Dancers:

* Please note: You do not have to purchase this specific brand of makeup or specific colours - similar colours and any brand you prefer will be great!



Young Dancer - Up to age 10-12

Prima Diva - Competitive Dancers Ages 11 & up

JAMglam - Another option for Stage makeup Ages 11 & up


There are a number of ways to make a Bun. Here are a couple of "How-to" videos that may  be helpful: 

IMPORTANT: Do not hesitate to use MUCH MORE hair product than you would use for everyday hairstyles - dancers need to jump and spin at high speeds and their hair needs stay "perfect"! 



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