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Tuition Information

Our tuition prices are comparable to all studios in Prince Albert & area, with greater value for your investment! With individualized attention and planning, highly trained and educated teachers, and every opportunity for dancers from beginner to pre-professional, you can be sure that your dancer will get the most out of her/his training! 

There are three primary Tuition and Fee amounts requiring payment by Regular Season families:

1)  Registration Fee

     This is an annual fee per student or family.


     $25 per student (GST incl), OR

     $40 per family (GST incl) for two or more students (can include adults)

2)  Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are based on the weekly class duration, in minutes. Please see below for calculation information.

30 minute class/month        $41.25 + GST = $43.31       

45 minute class/month        $46.25 + GST = $48.56        

60 minute class/month        $51.25 + GST = $53.81        

75 minute class/month        $56.25 + GST = $59.06        

90 minute class/month        $60.00 + GST = $63.00        


Multi-Class Discount: You will save $2.00 on the tuition for the second class and an extra $2.00 on every additional class. Please see below for details tuition calculation with multi-class discounts.

PST Information

Great News! The Government of Saskatchewan announced that they have amended the PST revision and will NOT require PST to be added to dance and fitness classes for children under the age of 18 years. 

"Unlimited" Tuition Fees: 

    **For returning students - a benefit for our loyal families!

$260.00 + taxes     One Student, unlimited classes 

$425.00 + taxes     Family (2+ students), unlimited classes 

3)  Costume Fees

Most classes perform a dance number in the Year-End show. Dancers wear a costume for this number that is ordered from costume companies that are usually based in the U.S.A.

$75.00 + taxes = $83.25      For 30-minute Early Childhood classes 

$90.00 + taxes = $99.90      For 45+ minute classes 

Payment Methods 

We recommend that families pay tuition in one of two ways:

1) Full Year (9 months) at the beginning of the season (September)

  • Pay cash, cheque or email transfer by September 10t​h​ for an additional discount

2) Monthly Automatic Payments

  • Post-Dated Cheques made out for the 1st​ of Each month, September through May, Inclusive.

  • Request Monthly Automatic Credit Card payments (credit card transaction fee will be added)

3) E-transfers at the beginning of each month to 


Payments Accepted:

We can accept payments in any of the following ways:

  1. Cheques ​​made payable to “Ballet ‘n’ All That Jazz”

    • Post Dated for the 1st​​ of each month, September through May, inclusive

    • Full Year

  2. Cash or Money Order​​ (NOTE: We discourage cash payments on a monthly basis for tuition. Cash payments must be handed directly to a teacher)

  3. Email Transfer​​ to ​ (Auto-deposit - no password required)

  4. Credit Card Online​​ through the Family Portal (credit card transaction fee will be added)

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