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Health Precautions

Covid-19 Procedures & Adaptations for 2020-21

Concerned about registering for dance classes in the current COVID-19 climate?

We’ve got you covered! Read more about our online options, procedures and accommodations that will keep your child safe and dancing! 


We have combed through Saskatchewan guidelines for reopening and running classes, as well as guidelines from professional associations throughout western Canada to pick out the best procedures and adaptations for our studios families. Our teachers are committed to making every effort and accommodation to make this unique year the best we can for our students and families! 

Online Learning

Online classes will be made available on Google Meet for dancers who must stay home from dance due to illness, or for those families who are uncomfortable sending their dancers to classes due to family circumstances around concerns regarding contracting the COVID-19 virus. 

Google Meet is easy to use and accessible via a secure link that will be provided. Dancers will have to log in and will be accepted in from a “waiting room” for security and safety purposes. 


Students can choose to continue their dance training online on a regular basis, or students can tune in online if they have been required to self-isolate or have symptoms of a cold or flu virus. 

If parents are most comfortable, students can begin their classes online and, depending on the status of the Covid outbreak and updated information, can choose to have their child re-join the in person class and participate in our recital dances. 


Small Class Sizes

Class sizes will remain small allowing for appropriate social distancing between dancers.  Given our intentionally small dance studio community, our studio may offer the safest way to continue dance training in person, with the lowest level of added exposure for your child! Whereas other studios may have classes with 20 to 30 students, our classes will be capped at 7 to 15 students, this year and always! We value the ability to give each of our students individualized attention and training!


  • IMPORTANT: Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be responsible for monitoring their child/youth for symptoms and ensuring that they do not meet any of the standard risk factors for COVID -19 before entering the studio (i.e., no fever, cough, difficulty breathing; no contact with an individual identified as COVID-19 positive within 14 days; have not travelled within 14 days; etc.). 
    Parents will need to sign a waiver before classes begin that acknowledges understanding of the risk of contracting viral illnesses and releasing the studio and staff of liability. While the studio will make every effort to control the potential spread of COVID-19, it is impossible to guarantee that your dancer will not be exposed to or contract COVID-19 within the studio. 

  • We have our schedule created so that there is minimal cross-class contact between dancers and time enough to clear out before the next class enters.  The studio will be sanitized in between each class to prevent cross-contamination between classes.


  • Social distancing indicators will be clearly laid out throughout the studio. Until restrictions are lifted further, our dressing room and lobby will be closed. Teachers will implement “hands off” teaching methods, only, until the risk of contracting COVID-19 is reduced. 
    Within the studios, personal spaces will be outlined within which dancers can stand and dance while maintaining social distance from the dancers around them. 

  • Students will be closely monitored for symptoms and parents will be contacted immediately if there is a concern.


  • Masks will not be required unless requirements change and masks are required in public. Masks can sometimes make it difficult to get enough oxygen to do aerobic activity. Dancers are welcome to wear a mask, however, and should feel free to do so. 


  • Weather permitting, we have outside entrances directly into both studios so that students do not cross through the common lobby area.


  • Dancers will be encouraged to bring their dance supplies ONLY for the class(es) that they have that day (I.e., avoid large dance bags). A small dance bag or a clear plastic bin with a lid are good options, as dancers will likely be asked to put their things in a specific space in the studio (as opposed to the dressing room). 

  • Our Lobby will not be open as a waiting area to ensure that dancers (and parents of young dancers) can maintain social distance while entering and exiting classes. 

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact us! We are totally committed to providing a safe environment for our dancers so that they can continue to enjoy dancing with us in person! 

Click on the "Let's Chat!" button to send us a message. 

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