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Move-In Day - Dec 5!

I am so excited to announce our studio Move-In day of Monday, Dec 5! 😀 This will be our first day at the new location. Hooray! 

New Location: Unit 7, 184 South Industrial Drive, Prince Albert

Though the whole space will not yet be complete, we will have proper dance floors, walls, washrooms, music and classes! We will have everything we need for the time being as we await the completion of our new studio! 

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a grand opening. The studio renovations will not be completed by Dec 5. We ask that only 2016-17 Season dancers and families attend classes and come and go at the new location. Thank you!

We WILL have a grand opening at which we hope to see many familiar and new faces! Stay tuned 😀 It will be in the New Year  🎉 

A BIG thanks to Plaza 88 for having us and accommodating our needs for these 3 months! We appreciate everything they did for us during this time of unexpected transition. 

I also want to thank our families - New & Loyal, Returning Families - for the patience and positivity you have all shown us during this time at Plaza 88! It is very challenging to run a business out of a temporary location, and our families have been so wonderful throughout ☺️ 

Another BIG thanks to our contractor Mark Campbell Contracting and all of the businesses, professionals and supporters that have helped to get our new studio completed quickly, efficiently, and with a superior quality and standard. I feel so blessed that we were able to get this project rolling along in such a timely manner!! 

Counting down the days! 15 days until we step into our new studio Home!! 

Lots of dance love, 

Miss Heather K 

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