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Happy Feet - Our newest Preschool class!!

We are so excited to be offering a third preschool in yet another style!

Our 'Happy Feet' class will follow the 'Dance to Your Own Tune' curriculum from the Royal Academy of Dance! This program was developed to target 4 levels of skill development to prepare dancers for any style or type of dance - or, just offer an enjoyable activity for your little one!

Read below for more details!

Photos: The photos below are all from our own Preschool classes! Our 'Happy Feet' class will explore all of the styles shown in these photos.

What is 'Happy Feet' all about?

'Happy Feet' is a class aimed at our younger preschool-aged dancers, and will incorporate several styles of dance while following the 'Dance to Your Own Tune' curriculum. We will use a variety of music styles (classical music, kids popular music, kids hip hop music), and will explore activities based in Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, AcroDance and even Tap (but without the shoes!). Using stories and imaginative, play-based dance activities, our youngest dancers will have so much fun that they don't even know they are getting stronger, more coordinated, more flexible, and gaining an appreciation for music!

When does it Start?

We are ready when you are! We began the class this October and are excited to have more little dancers join us!

You can contact us to schedule a Free Trial Class to see how your little one likes the class - email us at !

Our Season is from September - May, ending with a wonderful showcase of dances from our classes!

For this class, we can and will accept shorter, sessional registrations; please contact us for details about this option.

Weekly classes: Wednesdays, 5:00 - 5:30pm

This class is taught by Miss Heather Ksyniuk and Miss Jessica Gordon!

Miss Heather Ksyniuk is fully certified and registered as a teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance (Ballet) and a Full teaching Member of the Canadian Dance Teacher's Assoc. (Stage - Tap).

Miss Jessica Gordon has been Tap dancing for years, and has a strong music background! She is also one of our many fantastic Dance Moms! Tuition and Fees

Please contact us regarding monthly Tuition amounts and Costume costs. Our Season runs from September - May, ending with a wonderful showcase of dances from our classes! Our young 'Happy Feet' Dancers will also do a dance for this show - so exciting!

Would you like a Trial Class or to Register right away?

Please click on this link to register online!

We hope to meet your little one soon, and enjoy a creative dance adventure with him or her!

Yours in dance,

Heather Agnew Ksyniuk, M.Ed., RAD RTS, CDTA (Stage-Tap)

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