10 Reasons to Dance with us!

1. Outstanding Teaching Team - PA’s most qualified and educated instructors!

Our studio places great value on offering quality dance training by qualified and certified teachers - that is why we have the most qualified and educated team in Prince Albert and area. Our teachers continue pursue professional development and are dedicated life-long learners. We believe in providing all of our dancers – from age 3 & up – quality dance training taught by experienced, trained teachers. We also believe that our youngest dancers and recreational dancers need qualified teachers most because the foundation skills taught at Junior ad Beginner levels translate to the quality of dancers at more advanced levels, and we ensure that they are taught by our teachers that know how to train those skills well.

What does this mean for you?

More quality and value for your dollar, and a safe and efficient training centre for your child.

Our teachers are all very dedicated to providing a high quality of dance training to our dancers. Our teachers have completed a number of certifications and teacher training programs, have professional dance experience and hold diplomas, Bachelor degrees and graduate level education in Education and child development.

Read more about our Teaching Team here: Teachers 2019

2. Positive, encouraging atmosphere and enriching environment

Directed by Heather Ksyniuk, a mental health professional (Masters degree in Educational Psychology), our studio is dedicated to providing a positive and encouraging environment that teaches children and teens respect, care and kindness. In 2019, the studio won Most Congenial Club from the Aberdeen Dance Festival, reflecting the kind and respectful behaviour of our students and staff!

We believe in the many, many benefits and life lessons that dance can teach children. However, many studios do not take the time or make the effort to highlight those life lessons and skills, and this is understandable - most schools focus solely on the dancing.

Our director believes in enriching our dancers’ learning by introducing studio-wide themes and activities that help to highlight and reinforce those wonderful life lessons and skills! These skills include, but are not limited to: goal-setting, gratitude, teamwork, and celebrating successes!

Dance Education can be about more than just the steps. We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals that are confident, focused, ambitious, respectful and happy. We want every student to feel inspired, positive, and to truly experience the joy of dance. Our goal is to teach our dancers lessons and values that will benefit them long into their future, in all of their endeavours!

What does this mean for you?

Your child will be learning in a positive, encouraging learning environment that goes above and beyond to help teach and reinforce positive life lessons that dance education can provide.

3. A focus on quality dance training - syllabus and examinations from Beginner through Advanced

Our classes teach using programs that are used through Canada and worldwide, meaning that our dancers are attaining standards set across the nation and beyond. These programs have been proven to be effective at taking a dancer from a young beginner to an advanced, professional level.

What does this mean for your dancer?

This means that your dancer is learning from teachers that are thoroughly trained to provide a dance education that meets the standards set by national and international dance programs.

What does this mean for our recreational students?

Our teachers also use these programs, called syllabi, as guidance in training our recreational dancers in a relaxed, positive class environment. Further, any recreational student that later is interested in joining our competition team has quality foundational technique that will allow her/him to move up into the competitive team.

4. A background in education and child development

Several of our teachers have a university education focused on how to effectively teach, create lesson plans, and understand the different age groups and developmental stages’ needs. This allows us to better manage class time efficiently, and meet the needs of each individual student, as well as the needs of the group.

What does this mean for you?

You are not only entrusting your children to qualified dance teachers, but also to professional educators in related fields.

5. Community involvement and performance opportunities

We believe that dance is something to be shared with others. We also believe that it is important for members of a community to support and participate in local events.

Street Fair Performance at City Hall

What does this mean for you dancer?

This gives dancers a chance to perform in a low stress and fun environment, as well as to get involved in their community. Children that have opportunities to get involved with their community are likely to become engaged citizens and professionals.

6. Newest studio facility, great location, with the highest quality dance flooring for safe dance practice

We are a well-established studio approaching 15 years in business and have recently moved into a brand new studio! Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art dance floors, full mirrors, and a beautiful and welcoming lobby and dressing room. Our studio has a great location in the South Hill area, on South Industrial Drive off of marquis road, and offers free parking.

What does this mean for you?

A safe, clean and enjoyable space for you and your child or teen.

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7. Recreational and Competitive program options

We offer our students recreational classes that perform in our year-end show, as well as competitive dance training and examinations. Our competitive groups, solos and duets perform at 3 festivals and competitions in Prince Albert and Saskatoon, and complete examinations in dance with world-renowned syllabi from Royal Academy of Dance, ADAPT and CDTA. Examinations are standardized national and/or worldwide and dancers are evaluated relative to dancers at that level across the country and around the world!