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Fantastic Exam Achievements!

Our studio has been busy this week hosting Dance Examinations for Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet and ADAPT Jazz & Tap!

We entered approximately 100 exam candidates across all three disciplines, and the week was a great success!

ADAPT Jazz & Tap Exam results in Jazz & Tap were excellent, exceeding last seasons' marks! All of our students were successful. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the Masterclass with their examiners at the end of the day.

RAD Ballet exam results take much longer to arrive, but we are confident that our dancers performed well and certainly enjoyed the experience.

Our Grade 1 Ballet dancers said that the RAD Examiner from South Africa was "really nice". Sara says "I really like doing exams because they are fun... and I really like how nice the examiners are". Callianne says she likes doing dance exams because "I want to see what skill and level I'm at"; Paige agreed.

Arabelle, a Grade 2 exam candidate, says "I love dance exams because they push you to become a better dancer".

Three of our dancers - Caitlin, Jenna and Jessica - completed their Intermediate Foundation Vocational Exam, which is honourable accomplishment! Congratulations to all of our exam candidates and their families for a successful week! We are proud of your hard work and your accomplishments!

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