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LD Division - Learn Dance, Love Dance

We are excited to announce our LD Division - Learn Dance, Love Dance - our Recreational Division for kids of ALL ages to learn to dance without the pressures of festival/competition performances or examinations in dance. ​ Many families come to us and ask questions such as "Do you have any classes that are just for fun?" ... the answer is, ABSOLUTELY!

That's why we have created a division that is clearly "Just For Fun", for the joy of learning dance and growing to love it!

Don't get us wrong, though - our studio philosophy is based on Education, so dancers in all of our classes learn proper technique for safe practice and to develop a strong foundation in dance. We won't have our LD Division dancers at the barre training for 30 minutes, but we will make sure that they understand how to practice and perform the steps that they are doing in a safe and technically correct way. Our instructors are all highly qualified with strong technical ballet backgrounds and training. This is important because ballet provides a strong technical knowledge base for most dance forms, including Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, and even Tap and Hip Hop dance!

Many dancers that start out in our LD Division (recreational classes) fall in love with dance and are excited and motivated to learn more and move into our Performance Stream classes. This is another reason why teaching proper technique in these classes is so important. We want dancers that may be starting late or falling in love with dance later in childhood to be able to "catch up" well enough to join a Performance Stream competitive dance group, if and when they feel motivated and excited to do so. So, join us and dance "Just For Fun" in our LD Division! Check out our classes at this link: LD Division Classes Page

We can't wait to see you in classes! Miss Heather K :)

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