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New Studio Progress

We are all so excited for our move - we can't wait!! Everyone loves to hear the latest regarding the new studio... here are some updates:

On September 1, the space was ours! We have 3 Bays that will be combined to create our new studio :) Our contractor is ready to go and new heating/cooling systems arranged and ready to be installed.

In pursuing a building permit to perform reno's, we ran into the need for an Engineer to do a Building Code Review and to adjust and approve the proposed renovation drawings. Thankfully, they got us through the process relatively quickly, and I hope to have our building permit by the end of this coming first week of October *fingers crossed*! We are happy to say that our building will be up to the latest code requirements for buildings in Prince Albert, for our purposes.

However, this set us back a bit with regard to my ideal schedule. We hope that we can get into our new studio spaces by mid-November, though we are not expecting the entire space to be completely renovated by that time.

You will see in the plans that we have one very long studio space and one smaller studio space. Relative to the large one, the small studio seems pretty small in this drawingl! We want to assure you that it is nearly the width of the Rawlinson stage, as utilized for competitions/recital, and that it is approximately "5 grande jetes" from one corner to the other! ;)

Though our schedule is not currently tailored to the sizes of the new studio spaces, we will choose studio class placement based on the needs of the class in future Regular Season schedules. For example, we will make sure that our competition Stage classes have sufficient opportunity to utilize the large studio so that they can practice running on and off the stage with ample room plus full stage width dimensions. We will, of course, trade studios and ensure that our dancers have the opportunity to use the larger space before competitions :)

Our new flooring will be Harlequin Latch-Lock flooring with a Reversible Pro overlay.

Find our more about the world-class quality of Harlequin floors for dance:

Please send us a message with any questions or ideas regarding the new studio. We are excited to continue providing updates and photos as the renovations begin! Yours in dance,

Heather Agnew Ksyniuk B.A. (Hons), M. Ed.

RAD RTS, CDTA Full Member (Stage - Tap)

Studio Director/Instructor

Ballet ’n’ All That Jazz

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