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Halloween Week - Wear your costumes to Stage & LD Division (Rec) classes! 

Good morning, everyone!

This week, Oct 24-27, we have a fun Halloween themed week during our classes (for competition groups, wear to Stage classes, only).

Miss Steph always has fun activities in store during Ballet stage classes - Halloween Party!!

A few things to be mindful of: 

  • Please make sure that your dancer is able to move freely and comfortably in his/her costume and can do steps that s/he usually does in class 

  • Dancers do not need to wear costumes, we respect that some people do not do Halloween 🙂 

  • Please ensure that your costumes are Family-friendly (nothing violent or sexual). 

Photo: AcroDance "Arachnophobia" 2015-16

Halloween Monday, October 31

  • Classes are cancelled on this day due to historically low attendance and families expressing a preference not to have classes on this night. 

We hope that everyone has a fun and safe Halloween night!

Yours in Dance,

Miss Heather Ksyniuk 

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