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Exciting progress at our New Space!!

We have a very exciting week of progress ahead of us - our space is really going to take its shape!

Here's what is scheduled for this week:

  • Brand new Furnace & AC being installed

  • Drywall will arrive and be installed = real interior walls!

  • Lighting fixtures arriving

  • Perforated window coverings scheduled to be installed

  • Dance Flooring has arrived & flooring for the rest of the rooms is chosen and ordered

We are now looking at paint colours, vanities, kitchenette cabinets and all of those fun details!

At the moment, everything is on track to move in within the next 4 weeks or so, *fingers crossed*! Our contractor is excellent and really moving things along swiftly.

When it's time to move...

We will give you plenty of warning before we move from our temporary location at Plaza 88 into our new studio. Things may not be 100% finished (decor and fixtures etc. may not be complete) at the time of our move-in, but we will have two excellent dance floors and spaces, washrooms and other necessities, and an overall safe studio for our dancers and families :) We are anxious to move our dancers into the new location and onto proper dance floors.

Anticipated Move-in Date: week of December 1, 2016

Please keep a close eye on your email inboxes, Facebook Pages, Team App and/or Website to ensure that you know when it's time to Move on Up to 184 S Industrial!

We are so excited about this new space!!!! We hope our dancers and dance families are all still very excited about this new Chapter in All That Jazz history, too!

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