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Classes on Holiday Mondays

Just a quick note to remind our families that we DO run classes on holiday Mondays, unless otherwise notified by your instructor, by email. 

We understand that families may have plans on these holiday Mondays, and we completely understand if dancers must miss class on these days. 

Why do we have classes on holiday Mondays? 

Many families may wonder why we have classes on holiday Mondays. The reasons are that (1) Monday families pay for the same amount of classes as do families with classes on other days of the week, and (2) it is often challenging to arrange for another rescheduled class time for each holiday Monday, so that families get all the value out of their class tuition as possible. Because we have a holiday Monday approximately once per month, this would require a lot of rescheduling and/or a lot of lost tuition for families. 

Having classes on holiday Mondays is what our studio feels is the best option. 🙂 

Email us using or contact page if you have any questions. 

Happy thanksgiving! 

Miss Heather K 


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